MA by Marina Bautier


Source: MA

Source: MA

Marina Bautier is a well- known Belgian designer from Brussels. She grew up with the fondness for creating wooden furniture.  At the age 18, she left Belgium to start her furniture designing education at Bucks New University in England. Her furniture brings out simplicity, quality and practicality for any place.

After 10 years of working in furniture industry, she decided to actualize her aspiration, which is establishing her own furniture label, MA, along with its  retail shop and recently online store. Her effort was paid off, she was nominated for “Designer of the year” award in 2014.


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Source: MA

Marina loves using solid oak and veneered panels in her design because “it is a very natural and organic material. Every piece of wood is different and it ages beautifully” (Stattmann). She attempts to minimize all the sophisticated details and leave a piece of furniture to its pure essence.

Besides MA, she also designs for many other international brands and works on private commissions.

Below are her collections for Idée:




Source: MA

Moreover, the collections she designed for STATTMANN NEUE MOEBEL are truly functional, simple and easy to assemble. The construction does not require glue or screws, it is called by Marina the “plug-in system”.

unit shelf

Unit shelf

unit coat rack

Unit coat rack

Besides furniture design, Marina also knows how to make her guests feel comfortable. Every last Friday of the month, she invites 20 people to her “Vendredi” event where she prepares lunch for them. Sitting around a table, having a simple but delicious lunch while chatting with other people in a welcoming atmosphere, who can resist?


Source: MA


Source: MA

Marina is not just a successful interior designer, she also is of inspiring personality. I love the authenticity and simplicity in every piece of furniture she designs and her hospitality through Vendredi events.

Source: MA

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